LentfeedThe week from Palm Sunday to Easter moves us from the proclamation of Jesus as King on his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, past his suffering and death on the cross on Good Friday, to the mystery of the empty tomb with his resurrection on Easter Day.

If we can participate in some of the sequence of services through the week, then we can share a little of Christ;s own journey.  We can experience just a little of the transition from the adulation of Palm Sunday with the crowd shouting “Alleluia”, to the suffocating rejection of Jesus early on Good Friday with the crowd clamouring for Pilate to “crucify him!”

If we go straight from Palm Sunday to Easter Day , then we cannot fully understand the suffering (passio) which Jesus bore for you and me.

There are opportunities to come together to worship and reflect on the momentous events of Holy Week.  Whether you can come to church or you are able to make time to stop awhile and find a quiet space at home, I pray you are able to let God speak to you anew so that you may come to proclaim the glory of Jesus’ resurrection because you have walked some part of his path of his passion, his suffering, with hi.

With my prayers that your journey with Christ may strengthen and transform you.

Paul Boddam- Whetham


Lent Study Groups: Friday lunchtimes 16 Feb to 23 March, following the Pilgrim series exploring “The Eucharist”. Please sign up at the side-table. Offers to host for a simple soup and bread lunch gratefully received.

Also Tuesday evenings at 7:30 p.m.

There will be a number of events taking place during Lent, commencing with the Ash Wednesday service and culminating on Easter Day.  A list of all the events can be seen below:-

No events

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