At the Annual Meeting on 7th April, Roger Barnes and Gill Long were re-elected as wardens.   

The following are the PCC members – some elected last year and some this year.

June Allen  (elected until the APCM 2021)

June has lived in the village for 53 years and a member of the church for 25 years.
She manages the tea and coffee rota and also the stock. 

Roger Barnes – Churchwarden, Tower Captain (Elected until 2020)

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Photo to follow               Nicci Boddam-Whetham (Deanery Synod Representative) (Elected until 2020)

Photo to follow              Darleen Britt (Elected until the APCM 2021)

Rosie Evans – PCC Secretary (Elected until 2022)

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Photo to follow              Tricia Hughes (Elected until the APCM 2021)

Gill Long (Elected until APCM 2020)

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Peter Nichols (Elected until the APCM 2021)
Warden Emeritus

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Photo to follow             Chris Stoneham (Elected until the APCM 2020)

Edmund Strainge (Elected until the APCM 2021)

Warden Emeritus

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Mary Thorne (elected until APCM 2020)

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Faith Truran (elected until APCM 2020)

Sarah Varnom (Safeguarding Officer) (elected until APCM 2022)

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Adrian Walsh – Deanery Synod Representative (Elected until 2020)

Angela Williams  (Deanery Synod Representative) – Children’s Co-Ordinator (Elected until 2020)

Having retired from teaching, l moved from Hertfordshire to Oxfordshire eight years ago. I have three grown up children, four delightful grandchildren( the youngest being six months old), a cat called Wesley and a rabbit called Rosie!
I seem to be very busy  looking after grandchildren,  Church activities, painting and trying to write a children’s  book!

Photo to follow              Robin Wiltshire (Elected until the APCM 2020)