Rector’s Letter, for Sunday 10 May, 2020.
Dear Friends,
We are getting hints through the news that there may be some easing of the social restrictions, to be announced over this weekend! Certainly we will all be looking forward… whether with relief or trepidation, to clarity about what we will be able to do and how soon it is likely that children and grandparents can hug again, or friends share a cup of real coffee! Several met for “Cyber Coffee and Chat” on Wednesday and enjoyed the opportunity just to talk together.
Next Wednesday 13 May is our Second Wednesday Communion and I will lead a short service at 10:00 followed by Coffee and Chat at 10:30. Connect through ZOOM using the usual link, or Meeting ID and password (see below)
What will be of great importance to our fellowship is the interpretation by the bishops of the anticipated guidance and how it will affect our worship together in real space and time. I imagine it will be some weeks yet before we will be able to meet freely in church and even then, there will be a number of our church who will be advised (compelled?) to continue to self-isolate at home. It will take a lot of care and attention to ensure that everyone continues to feel an active member of the church fellowship. I am thankful that so many have connected in to the ZOOM services and while connecting by video gives the greater sense of involvement, those who have dialled in on their phones have also told me how valuable it has been to hear and speak to others.
If you have yet to join in worship either over the internet or by phone, I encourage you to do so as I am aware how easy it is for the habitual practice of worship to get lost in the ordinariness of a lockdown week. Let’s remember Paul’s charge to Timothy to “encourage one another and build
up each other, as indeed you are doing.”
I suggested last Sunday that we might like to meet to discuss an appropriate book and propose to open up a Zoom Room on Tuesday May12 at 8 p.m. to share our thoughts about John Lennox’s short book “Where is God in a Coronavirus World”. I expect we’ll continue probably for 3 weeks, or until we run out of things to say! It is available at this link either as a printed book or as a downloadable e-book:
Finally, I am so grateful to those who have contributed to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. I have made some grants, but I will not know of all who would benefit from a gift to help through these times. If you know of someone who is in need, please let me know.
I look forward to seeing or hearing you on Sunday and then perhaps also during the week.
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With my prayers as you discover day-by-day what God wants to teach you during this time, and for your continued safe-keeping,
Rev’d Paul Boddam-Whetham
01993 776625