Dear Fellow Members of St Bartholomew’s
Well, what a difference a couple of days can make. Last Sunday basking in temperatures of 24 degrees; by Tuesday it poured down all day and hardly got above 12 degrees. Rather like the Corona Virus outbreak. One day it’s business as usual, two days later we are in lock-down – a hard change to come to terms with, yet we have (or have had to). The Disciples, after the death of Christ, were trying to adjust to a new norm when suddenly they are faced with the Resurrection – and we think Corona lock-down is difficult to cope with. Can you blame the Disciples for being a bit doubtful, even sceptical? But they survived the experience and emerged so strong that, with God’s help, they could carry the message of Christianity around the known world. People instinctively do not like change and will generally resist it if change is forced upon them, but inevitably we do settle down to the new ‘norm’.
We are social animals. The Disciples had each other and their friends and supporters. If it rains we could go to the pub or invite our friends and family round. All this has been taken away from us (temporarily we hope). If you live in a family group then at least there are other family members around to socialise with. If you live on your own then it can get very lonely, so please support with prayer and safe contact anyone you know that may be suffering from loneliness.
Our Sunday morning Zoom services are a great way of joining in and mixing with our church family, we can even chat to each other until Paul mutes us for the service. If you have any difficulty joining the 10.30 service – the Zoom door opens at 10.00 – please contact Gill, Paul or myself
Last week Gill was talking about the wonders of God’s creation and we have decided to do our bit by turning part of the churchyard into a wildflower area. The chosen area is to the east side of the old churchyard using the north and south paths as boundaries. It will need a bit of management, and occasional strimming, but Robin and Sally are well up to speed with creating meadow environments and stocking them with wildflowers. We will create paths through the “meadow” so children, and adults, can explore the wonders of God’s natural creation.
As PCC Treasurer I will refrain from my usual wailings about shortage of income, but if anyone can help us to meet our fixed expenses then donations to Sort Code 30-99-78 A/c 00179381 will be gratefully received, or cash/cheques through the letterbox at 4 Pound Close.  Or directly from the website
Last word: keep washing hands and maintain safe distances. Support (and applaud) the NHS and caring services. God bless.