Dear friends: I know we are all subject to an amount of social isolation at present but the majority are able to get out for their “one walk a day” for exercise and to reflect on the glory of God’s creation. Some, including Nicci here at the Rectory are being strongly advised to remain shielded for 12 weeks because of health concerns. Consequently I have to curtail (but not stop) my own social interaction at this stage. We continue to be active in leading the church at this time and can be contacted by phone and email to deal with any if your concerns.  Please do especially pray for all those who will remain in their homes for 3 months and especially those for whom an extended period of isolation will be a particular trial.  We have set up a network of pastoral groups and I hope you will receive a call from one of the church core team every week or so to see that things are going alright. Informally, do keep in touch with one another by telephone. If you have a smart phone, WhatsApp is a helpful way of making voice or video calls over the internet or 4G network, Especially please look out for any who are finding it hard to cope with these present circumstances. I look forward to you being able to ZOOM to share in worship and prayer on March 29th, the 5th Sunday of the month at the earlier time of 10:30 a.m. I shall lead a short service of the word followed by sharing bread together in the form of our “Home Communion” service. If you wish, you may like to have a small piece of bread alongside you as you participate in fellowship, taking breaking and eating the bread. After a short break for coffee, we shall continue with a conversation about our response as Christians to the CORVID-19 health crisis. 1030h – St. Bartholomew’s Service of the Word with Holy Communion, on ZOOM With my prayers and blessing to you and your family.  Paul.