At this time of celebration for Harvest, we are drawn to offer our thanks to God for what he provides to us and to be reminded that we have nothing by right, but we are blessed only through God’s generosity to us.
This season, therefore, is also an opportunity to reflect, review and reconsider what we return to God as a thanks offering for all that he has given us.
This may be through his gift to us of the time we are blessed to spend here in our homes and among our friends and neighbours in our community and amongst our colleagues where we work or go to school.
It may be in the skills and abilities we have developed and nurtured to give enjoyment or show care to others. It may be in practical ways, using our hands to make or mend things which are useful to the way we live.
Or it may be in the way we use the possessions we have accumulated and which we can share with others as we thank God for the materials blessings which he has given us.

This month of October may be the time to reappraise how we can use our “Time, Talents and Treasure”. We will use these four Sundays to explore and examine our response to God’s blessings. At the end of the month, you will have the opportunity, if you wish, to offer to serve God and his mission in our community through different ways of working together to grow together as we demonstrate our love and unity as children of our heavenly Father.