Today was week 4 of our combined services; a mix of the Zoom and church congregations. Unfortunately, the internet problems meant a “rocky” start to the service but we persevered and all went well in the end.
By way of an explanation, the Fabric Committee are arranging the fixed broadband installation, but this has, and will, take time. At present we are using a method of connecting to the internet via a 4G (mobile telephone) signal which is, in effect, a portable broadband connection. We are experimenting every week with new ways of improving our signal which is determined by BT and our O2 service. A fixed installation will hopefully be much better, but we can only work with what we currently have. The internet, locally, also seems to be having problems at present and BT have been working on the fibre cabinets in Church Street this week.
We are driven by a burning desire to maintain our vibrant church community and by striving to improve and enhance our combined service both safely in the building and for those who feel more comfortable at home.