Our church building is a wonderful asset within the village, but we do not make full use of the space it provides. The Rector and Wardens, together with the PCC are eager to make our church building a place where everyone is welcome: the very young, the very old and the very much in between.  Our church building serves, amongst other things, as a place of sanctuary for prayer and reading; celebration for weddings and baptisms; and reflection for those grieving and bereaved. It is a place to worship and gather together.  As we forge into the twenty-first century, we find ourselves in a time where we, the Church, are needed as much as ever.  Those with mental health issues need a place to be calm and seek the arms of Our Father. Families and professionals need a place to seek council from Jesus. And the lonely or elderly need the reassuring comfort of their memories in this fast-changing world so they can rest in the healing hands of the Holy Spirit.

The purpose and fabric of our church building should sensitively reflect these changing needs of church and community, otherwise there is increasing danger of it being perceived as unnecessary.  Like the patrons of the past have done for us, we need to ensure it serves the community as a whole into the future.  To do this Paul has asked me to gather our views to present in a report to the PCC in the new year.

Over the next 8 weeks I would like to find out your thoughts, ideally over a cup of tea.  Please stop me after the service so we can arrange a good time to chat.  Alternatively you can email me at surveys@ducklingtonchurch.org.uk ,

I look forward to hearing from you.