Have you ever attended the Annual General Meeting?

Don’t be worried!

It’s a great opportunity to review the year but also to plan what’s wanted and needed in the year ahead

You will not be pressured in to serving on the PCC or other jobs.

As well as the “formal” business of adopting the accounts and appointing the PCC, this year you can also discuss

  • Service times – should this stay at 09:30?
  • The format of future AGMs
  • How long should a PCC member serve for?
  • Recent changes and proposed changes to services – taking bread instead of wafers; processing with the Cross; learning new hymns – if you want to express a view then come along.
  • Implementation of formal budgetary control for all areas of ministry
  • Parish giving
  • Find out what the Parish Share is all about
  • Come and meet your new rector, Paul and hear his plans for his ministry at St Bartholomew’s


Copies of the Annual Report and Accounts will be available in church shortly