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Ladies’ Away Day 2024

A day of reflection

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Our Wildflower Area

Moon Daisies

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Men’s Group Croquet and a BBQ

Edmund's poised ...

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It’s all change

A gift still appreciated

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Fritillary Sunday 2024

It's all about the cakes!

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Lent and Easter 2024

Fritillaries are coming....

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The unseen work

Sidespersons ensure all ready for the service

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Our Carol Service

The handbell ringers started us off

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School celebrating Christmas

Our first Open the Book and members of the cast!

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The lanterns and Christingle 2023

Collecting her lantern made at Messy Church!

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Messy Church Christmas 2023

Andrea getting stuck in

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Remembrance 2023

Our beautifully crafted poppy installation

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Pet Service
October 2023

What's happening here?

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Confirmation and Baptism Service
October 2023

Our service draws to a close

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Harvest Celebrations
October 2023

We started our Harvest celebrations with our Harvest Installation

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Church Away Morning
An opportunity to pause, reflect, talk and plan

Always a good way to start a process!

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Greenbelt 2023
Celebrating 50 years of Artistry x Activism x Belief

Queuing to get into the Festival on opening day

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Hymns and Pimms August 2023
An evening to celebrate favourits and the reasons behind those…and rounding off with one or two refreshments

Hymns and Pimms

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Roger Barnes
We commemorated Roger Barnes’ service to St Bartholomew’s with a bench in his name – to be used, primarily, by the bell ringers – thank you Roger!

A celebration of Roger's life

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The Children’s Coronation Corner

Beautiful Union flags

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What a wonderful Coronation weekend

The childrens corner

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Advent and Christmas 2022

Advent and Christmas 2022

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Warm Space

Yes we are going to have fun!

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Ian and Linda’s Farewell 2022

May the Lord bless and keep you

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The Childrens’ corner 2022

Thank you God - a corner for all

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Harvest Festival 2022


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Fritillary Sunday 2022

the beautiful flowers © M Bailey

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Easter 2022

The Easter Garden

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Harvest Offerings – 2021

The font display

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Random pictures of our beautiful church – thanks Joe!

© Joe Dines

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