Diocese of Oxford

St Bartholomew’s Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission statement is an attempt to answer the question,

“why is the church here and why does it matter?”

The Diocese of Oxford has set the tone: 
“We believe that a church is the community of God’s people, not the building. We believe that becoming more Christ-like is about who we are called to be, not what we’re called to do.”

The characteristics of a Christ-like church are described as contemplative, compassionate, and courageous. As we translate this ambitious vision into our life and ministry in this parish we seek to be: 


  • deepening our presence in this parish, serving as the spiritual heart of the community, providing space for prayer, and cultivating the gifts of faith, hope and love, 
  • coming together in worship that inspires and challenges us in our daily lives,
  • nurturing the spiritual life of our congregation both individually and collectively, through prayer, formation (personal and communal), worship and witness. 


  • providing a safe space for all,
  • continuing to be a place of openness, warmth and generosity that reflects the love and joy of our faith, welcoming and respecting people of all backgrounds at any stage of their faith journey,
  • offering comfort and support in response to the needs of individuals and families in our community in their time of need. 


  • building on the excellent relationship we have with the school,
  • encouraging and equipping our members in their influence in the workplace and community life,
  • exploring the creative use of our building for the whole community,
  • engaging with those on the fringe of church life and exploring, with them, ways in which we can be more responsive to their interests and aspirations,
  • playing our part in the wider deanery and ecumenical community of faith in West Oxfordshire, seeking new opportunities for us to learn from one another in our ministry and witness,
  • helping our members understand the times in which we live and respond to the needs of our world in the love of Christ.