Diocese of Oxford

In May 2009 the Fellowship of St Birinus held its first meeting at Dorchester Abbey. The Bishop of Dorchester founded the Fellowship, with the support of the Rector of Dorchester Abbey, as a modest way in which we can honour the people who have given exceptional service in some way or other to their church and community over a number of years.

Over the years, a number of the congregation of St Bartholomew’s have been honoured for their exceptional service.  The latest to join their ranks is Gill Long in October 2023.

22nd October 2023


On 22nd October 2023,  Gill Long , was inducted at a ceremony at Dorchester Abbey. 







Jane Nichols with Bishop Gavin October 2021

 “When invited to put forward a candidate, I had no hesitation in nominating Jane in recognition of the service she gives to the church and community of St. Bartholomew’s, in many and various ways.

Please join me in congratulating Jane on becoming a member of the Fellowship of St Birinus.”   
Rev’d Paul




The new inductees with Bishp Colin and Rev’d Bob Edy


On 27th September 2015,  Roger Barnes, Paul Herrington, Peter Nichols, Meg Roberts, and Edmund Strainge were inducted at a ceremony at Dorchester Abbey.    Congratulations to them all.






Marian Pitman, Bishop Colin and Barbara Farrar

Congratulations to Barbara Farrar and Marian Pitman who  received certificates from Bishop Colin in recognition of their outstanding service to the church and local community over many years.  Their induction in to the Order of St Birinus  took place at Dorchester Abbey on 17th July 2011.






St Birinus was the first Bishop of Dorchester from the year 634 to 649 A.D
Birinus, a Frank, came to the kingdoms of Wessex in 634, landing at the port of “Hamwic”, now in the St. Mary’s area of Southampton.
Birinus had been made bishop by Asterius in Genoa, and Pope Honorius I created the commission to convert the West Saxons. In 635, he persuaded the West Saxon king Cynegils to allow him to preach. He gave Birinus Dorchester-on-Thames for his episcopal See. Birinus’s original commission entailed preaching to parts of Britain where no missionary efforts had reached.