The Church will continue to be open for private prayer between 11am and 3pm. Please continue

to pray for:

  • Annie and Adrian and those on the care team, looking after Annie’s daily needs
  • for Meg, Doug and family of Connie Roberts whose funeral is on 3rd
  • For Alfie and his continual improvement.
  • For Wanda’s sister Caroline and brother Paul, who are both seriously ill with cancer.
  • For family and friends of John Lyford whose funeral was on the 19th May
  • For family and friends of Denise Ann Hathaway whose funeral was on 25th May
  • For Family and friends of Ivy Joan Godfrey whose funeral was held on Wednesday 26 May at 11:30, followed by burial
  • For family and friends of Mary Joan Day whose funeral is on June 9th