Diocese of Oxford

Wardens’ Letter: From Gill

September 2021

Dear Friends,
So now we are in an interregnum (vacancy), which can be very challenging for all of us but also a period for reassessment, steady growth and development. Some of us may be experiencing something of the pain, joy, challenge, loss and gain that comes with an interregnum. Please be reassured that we intend to keep Ducklington church life as vibrant and active as it has been. We have a great team of LLMs, and many offers from visiting clergy, not to mention the contribution of a monthly service from Mary Carney. I envisage that there will be a mix of familiar and unknown to hopefully inspire us and enable us to shine in God’s glory.
We have all pulled together to support each other during the pandemic which indicates to me that we have a very solid fellowship but not an exclusive one. I hope we will be able to welcome more people, especially children, into our church over the coming months.
Our pastoral team, under the new leadership of Faith Truran, will continue to try to meet any need that comes their way so please let Faith know if you are aware of any. The PCC will meet every other month and more often if any crucial decisions need to be made. There will be an official appointments procedure that we will follow once instructed by the diocesan. We will keep you informed of this through the notices, the website and newsletters.
I will be praying for our church and asking God to send us his Holy Spirit to fill us with his vision, energy, grace and love.
Please talk to Roger and me about anything, but especially about what you would like for the future of St. Bartholomew’s and its community.